Your guide to car dealerships in South Africa

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Whether you’re planning on buying a brand new car, or you’re looking at used cars, a huge part of the car hunting process is choosing from the many car dealerships found across South Africa. 

We have more choice than ever before. From online dealerships, all the way to traditional dealerships, there are many ways to buy your dream vehicle. The increased choice can make the process of car hunting far more complicated than it used to be. And that’s where we come in.

What should you know about car dealerships?  🚘

There are typically two types of car dealership to choose from – online and offline:

  • Online dealerships are websites that allow you to search for various makes and models across new and used vehicles. The advantages of doing your search online include the ability to refine your search according to your budget, the type of car you’re seeking, the mileage on the car, and personal choices

  • Offline dealerships are traditional showrooms and dealerships that showcase selected new and used models. The advantages of going into a physical dealership include being able to see the cars in person, do inspections, as well as asking questions, and getting advice from trained salespeople. You can also give the sales team your budget and they can recommend vehicles within this price range

Choosing the right car dealership for you 🚗

Rather than getting swept away by the cars being sold, it’s essential to look at the dealership itself. These tips should help you get started on finding the right dealership for your needs.

  • Reviews. Reviews are an excellent way to spot the good dealerships, from the less-than-trustworthy ones. If you do a search for auto dealerships in your area, you’ll find plenty of websites. Each one will tell you they’re the best. Real reviews from real people tell you the full story, helping you spot any potential issues, and allows you to view ratings from actual consumers like yourself
  • Longevity. Those that have been in business for a long time likely have a reputation which has been built up over the years. An established dealer will always be a better choice over a brand-new, unknown dealer
  • Facilities. If you’re visiting a showroom, what does it look like in terms of facilities? Although this may not seem like the most important factor, it can speak volumes about the quality of the dealer, and the cars they sell
  • Service. How are you treated when you visit the lot? Are sales staff trained and professional? If you’re not getting decent service when viewing vehicles, you’ll likely not be able to expect much aftersales service if you actually make a purchase

Driveaway into the sunset 🌇

Ultimately, the choice of where to find your dream car – new or used – is a personal choice which comes down to your budget, preferences, location, and overall ‘gut’ feeling. Having a better idea of what to do and what not to do can make this process far simpler. 

We hope that this guide on finding car dealers has helped you make your search easier. Remember, with enough research, advice from friends and family, and thorough planning, you can find the ideal choice of car dealerships in South Africa, and, ultimately, your ideal car as well.

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