Your guide to fast food in South Africa

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In the mood for fast food? Same. Whether you’re choosing the most unhealthy junk you can find, or you’re opting for something healthier, this type of food is adored by people all over the globe. Fast food is big business in South Africa, just as it is in virtually any country.

What makes us love fast food? 💙

Have you ever wondered what about fast food makes it worth craving after a long day, a bad day, or even a good day? Although convenience certainly has a lot to do with those cravings, along with taste, there are some other reasons you may be longing for that burger or pizza. 

All too often, even the thought of junk food can be enough to get your mouth-watering. This is no accident. The reality is this industry is carefully designed to encourage those cravings. Other than saving you from having to cook, fast food is designed to appeal to our ability to crave things.

Does healthy fast food exist? 🤔

Is all fast food bad for you? Is there such a thing as healthy fast food? Although the large majority of convenience foods are unhealthy, you can choose healthy fast food options to reduce some of the impacts on your health. 

The best way to try and make your choices a bit healthier (or at least not quite as unhealthy) is to think carefully about what you order when you’re at an eatery. 

Fast food specials 🎟️

Fast food specials offer a way to save even more on your favourite comfort foods. Just about every single fast food chain in South Africa offers regular specials at any given time. Most of these eateries have set deals each week, along with combo deals and two for one deals or similar. 

Here’s how these fast food specials usually work:

1. Combo deals. With these deals, you’ll get a reduced price for choosing certain foods and drinks together. For example, you could get a special on burger and fries or a certain size of pizza with a cold drink. You can’t usually choose things outside of the combo deal, however.

2. Day of the week specials. Most eateries and delivery services offer some sort of weekly special. These could be certain dishes at a reduced price on a certain day of the week or even combo deals on specific days. To claim this special, you’d need to make your order on the designated day.

3. Two for one deals. With these deals (and similar specials such as take-two deals or take-three deals), you get two dishes for the cost of one dish. These fast food specials are usually quite specific on the types of dishes you can order to claim the special.

Searching for a takeaway? 🥡

There are a few different ways that you can get your favourite takeaway food. Depending on how lazy you’re feeling, here are your options:

  • Collect. This is the easiest option in most cases, or at least, the fastest option. There are numerous takeaway shops in every city and town across the country to suit just about any craving. Simply head to your takeaway shop of choice, get in the line and browse the menu. You can also go one step further and head to a drive-through, which allows you to collect without even getting out of your car.


  • Call. If you’re at home and you don’t feel like getting in your car or making any effort, you can also call for takeaways. Pizza delivery services can be found across the country, allowing you to call in for your order and wait for delivery. Many other eateries offer this service as well, but not all of them do. 


  • Online. You can also place orders online, saving you the hassle of talking to anyone. Like phone orders, you’ll place your online takeaway order and it’s then scheduled for delivery. For both call and online takeaway orders, there often a delivery fee added. In other cases, you can tip the driver who delivers your food.


  • Apps. Then, there are apps that allow you to order from just about anywhere. Mr D, OrderIn, Uber Eats and other similar apps have popped up over the years. These apps have menus for various eateries in your location. You’ll use the app to browse, place an order and pay online, with a fee included for delivery and processing.

Best of the best 🍕

Take a look at our top-ranked fast-food eateries in South Africa. You won’t be disappointed!

Remember, being a responsible consumer comes down to being aware. Use Platforms such as Hellopeter to find eateries in your area, and look out for what other diners are saying. This will help you choose fast food outlets that offer the best service.

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