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When you publish a review on Hellopeter, it’s to accomplish something. Whether it’s to congratulate an employee on a job well done, assist a business in streamlining their delivery process, or warn other customers on a fly-by-night scheme – one review written on an online platform can usually help countless people.

In order to fulfil your personal review goals, keep in mind some simple guidelines.

Write reviews like it’s your job


Make sure everyone else reading your review will be able to understand it and your experience. Read over your review before you post it and check your grammar and spelling.

When, where, who?

Be specific. A vague review could sound fake to a reader, or it won’t give the business enough information to help rectify a complaint, or pass on a compliment.

Publish when it’s fresh

It’s always helpful to write about an experience as soon as it happens. This is when you and the business have the best recollection of the incident.

Keep on topic

Make sure your review is relevant to your experience and specific to the encounter you had with the business. It can be confusing to other readers if you post about two encounters at the same time.

Make sure your review is eternal

Make sure your review isn’t deleted by following these rules:

  • Do only publish honest reviews. Be truthful
  • Do focus on the specific business, product or service you’re reviewing. Be precise
  • Don’t review your own business, or competitors. Be fair
  • Don’t post content that’s defamatory, or abusive. Be civil
  • Don’t post identifying or personal information. Be smart

What does defamatory mean in this context?

Defamatory can be defined as:

The action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libellous.

So, on a Platform like ours, we’d advise you not to publish anything that can be viewed as:

  • Offensive
  • Harassment
  • Intentionally malicious or vindictive
  • Personal or identifying information

For example, even if you don’t find swearing offensive – someone else might. We want to protect you from any legal issues that may arise from using defamatory language, which is why the above reviews are deleted.

Right, now that you’ve refreshed your memory in best practice for review writing (or any online activity really) it’s time to get publishing!

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