The importance of your online reviews in 2022: why they'll matter more 

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why your online reviews matter

The importance of online reviews in 2022 will be greater than ever. Therefore, what you think and say about your favourite businesses will matter more than ever to them. You have a voice. And in this brave new digital age, your voice is more amplified and has more reach. Consumer opinion, views and experiences have become invaluable. Customers are leaning more and more into informed, peer-reviewed purchasing decisions.

Check out why your online reviews will matter more to businesses in 2022 and beyond!

The social proof is in the pudding 

92% of consumers are reluctant to purchase from businesses with no online customer reviews.. 94% of customers are likely to avoid a business due to negative reviews. It’s clear to see that consumer opinions are one of the most important pillars to your favourite businesses success. 

Ask yourself this: would you really consider making an important purchase today without doing your research? Most consumers will source feedback from a friend or family member who has gone through a similar purchasing journey. Alternatively, you hop online to research other consumers’ purchasing journeys.

This process of leaning on your fellow consumer community to evaluate potential transactions is known as social proof.

From platforms such as TripAdvisor to more focused customer resources such as Hellopeter, your reviews and opinions directly influence the next customer’s behaviour. This of course, ultimately impacts the businesses long-term viability and success.

Generally, businesses have realised that bad reviews will drive consumers off. Good reviews are more likely to generate interest and sales. 

As a consumer, this new focus on the importance of online reviews in 2022 can only be a good thing. Forward-thinking businesses understand the importance of  generating consistently good, public-facing feedback (and therefore, social proof). They understand how to offer the positive experiences that consumers deserve. 

A clear understanding of this key customer-behaviour driver means well-run businesses respond directly to their online review community’s comments. This results in an increased trust index and an uptick in sales.

Reviews allow ‘just-for-you’, personalised offers

Businesses that seek to build sustainable relationships will focus on getting you to post online reviews. They will also tailor their responses, prompts, marketing, and communications.

In 2022 and beyond, when your favourite doughnut shop partners with a trusted, professional review-management platform, they can respond in real-time, to your doughnut-related complaints and queries.

They will have access to your online review history and can offer a fast, specific and tailored solution. All in the hope of converting you into a regular customer and reviewer.

Businesses now understand the importance of online reviews in 2022 and how they offer direct insight into their consumers’ experiences, opinions, and behaviours. 

Previously, your favourite big businesses often, and still do, spend a fortune in generating this key information. Today, a well-defined online review management process will achieve more accurate results without the massive financial outlay. 

With the emergent growth of semantic-analysis processes and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will be tailoring and personalising their communications even more. This will allow them to make only unobtrusive, value-driven connection points.

Online reviews boost Google ranking

As we all know, a businesses search ranking can often be the difference between success and failure. After all, if people can’t find a business, they can’t buy from it!

Search Engine Journal’s review of ten thousand local businesses found that online reviews are potentially the most important search-ranking influencer for local businesses. This means that small businesses especially, should lean into nurturing and rewarding their review community. The importance of online reviews in 2022 cannot be underestimated. They directly impact search engine rankings.

An active online review community is part of Google’s most important, emergent ranking factors. Today, leveraging reviews is a non-negotiable for businesses determined to be competitive.

Leave your review today

So, the next time your favourite business asks you to post a review, go for it! Telling them exactly how you feel about their services is the best and most direct way to influence your next retail experience. leave a review today and let them know exactly what your expectations are in 2022 and beyond!

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