5 tips to write amazing consumer reviews

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So, you’ve had a bad experience, and your blood is boiling. You’re ready to unleash the wrath of a thousand suns. Thank goodness for Hellopeter, right? The perfect platform to vent. 

Well, yes and no. If your goal is to simply get something off your chest, then have at it! However, if your goal is to write amazing consumer reviews, help consumers make better decisions while bringing attention to your issue, then you might want to rethink before pressing ‘publish’.

Check out our five tips on how to write excellent consumer reviews.

  1. Keep your cool when writing your amazing consumer review

    During our daily routine, it’s easy to forget that businesses are run by people just like you. And just like you, they make mistakes.

    When considering how to write amazing consumer reviews, going off on an emotional rant may feel good in the moment, but often achieves very little.

    Instead, keep your cool and craft a well-considered message. Ensure you speak directly to the issue at hand as succinctly as possible. Include enough detail for their customer support agent to understand the status quo. Most importantly, if you have a reasonable, optimum end-game or solution in mind, don’t be afraid to share.

    Keep your communications friendly and informative. Regardless of how upset you are, just a dash of ‘chill’ will increase your chances of a positive outcome.


  2. Content guidelines for writing your review

    Most reputable online review platforms are trusted because they are carefully curated. Review platforms offer both the reviewers and the companies reviewed, a safe space. Regardless of the issue in question, no one wants or deserves to be abused. Furthermore, vulgarity and inappropriate language, even in the ‘real’ world, rarely elicits a positive outcome.

    Generally, reviews are reported when they contain content or language that breaches content guidelines. 

    This usually extends to reviews that fall into one or more of the following categories:

    1. Part or all of the information in the review is false
    2. The review is spam or a scam
    3. The review is defamatory

    If you’re going to take the time to write amazing consumer reviews, familiarise yourself with the content guidelines to make sure it won’t be taken down!


  3. Follow up on your consumer review

    Hey, people change their minds.

    Review managers will tell you that often, if a company quickly and positively addresses a review from an irate customer, that customer’s opinion of the company changes.

    Professional review platforms let you update your reviews. This allows both the company being reviewed and other customers holistic insight into your entire experience.

    If you expect a company to react to your amazing consumer review, it’s only fair to inform your fellow review community when the said company makes it right.

    Of course, this works both ways; if a business doesn’t respond to your review, or the response is inappropriate or inadequate, then go ahead and let them and other customers know!


    1. Get the details right

    Want to write amazing consumer reviews? Then get the details right! Check that you’ve got the right company name. Check that you’ve put in the correct date and time of the incident in question, so the company can follow up. If you’ve dealt with a particular company representative, check that you’ve got their name and title right.

    You want results, right? Well, remember that for large businesses especially, several consumer conversations are happening at any one time. The more specific and accurate the information you provide, the more likely they are to identify and respond to your particular issue.


    1. Be specific.

      Generalised feedback is extremely difficult to respond effectively to. Those consumer reviews that use broad language such as ‘the service was bad’, or ‘didn’t really enjoy myself’, may not elicit helpful responses. When they do get responses, these tend to be platitudes as general as the review.

      If you have a genuine issue to be addressed, get down and dirty with the specifics. Say, for example, you went to a wonderful restaurant, but the soup was cold, then mention that specific point. If the shop attendant was rude or uninformed, then be specific with your gripe. This allows the business to quickly and efficiently investigate and address the issue in question. Plus, it helps them improve their business!


    So, now you’re armed with the tools to get businesses to respond and react to your opinions. After your next retail experience, visit Hellopeter.com and use the above to write your amazing consumer reviews, crafted to get results!

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