Budget-Friendly Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the School Holidays

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Budget-Friendly Activities for School Holidays

Your kids might love the school holidays, but it can be difficult to find budget-friendly activities to keep them entertained. As much as you love having the kids around, bringing with them energy and laughter (of course, also the odd argument or two!), the school holidays can feel longer than it is if you have to keep them busy!

Keep Kids Busy over School Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

Before you start hyperventilating at the thought of a holiday with a bunch of bored, cabin-fever kids, put the panic attack on hold. Hellopeter has got your back with our top six affordable ways to keep boredom at bay and keep them out of your hair

1. Hit the Road, Jack 🚗

If you’re lucky enough to have a fuel-friendly car large enough for a comfortable family trip, then why not hit the road and go on an adventure? South Africa is home to some of the most sophisticated road networks on the continent, with a surprise or experience around every corner, no matter where you live. 

From museums and art galleries to simply enjoying the natural beauty that attracts millions of visitors to South Africa, hit the road, and our beautiful country might just surprise you!

2. Cosy up to Mother Nature ⛰️

No South African list of ‘things to do’ would be complete without urging you to reconnect with nature. Mzansi is home to 42 official game reserves and countless private and public parks, gardens, mountain ranges, sanctuaries and preserves. 

When was the last time you visited your nearest nature park or reserve with the kids? Many people assume the more popular natural attractions are out of their price point, especially when travelling with a bunch of kids. However, with so many natural attractions, finding one that works for you is simply a matter of research

From self-catering accommodation to camping sites, getting close to nature is far more affordable than you may think!

3. Beach it up 🏖️

When holidaying on a budget, spending the day at the beach almost feels like cheating. You have free access to blue skies, bubbling surf and golden beaches – all for free! And not to mention the varied food options always available, from classy beachfront restaurants to delicious street-side food and snacks. 

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, then you should beach it up this school holiday. If you’re not near a beach, look for a public pool, dam, or anywhere close to a body of water that will keep the kiddos running and splashing around to get rid of their excess energy. 

4. Learn a New Skill 🎨

When kids hear the word ‘learn’ during the holidays, they reflexively recoil. Newsflash, though – not all learning is boring! 

Does your little one love to draw? Take the opportunity to introduce them to a painting class! Are the kiddos just getting into music? Why not buy a second-hand drum set or guitar and join them for some YouTube lessons for beginners? Arts and crafts, anyone? 

If you can connect your kids’ passions directly to a structured activity, then not only do you keep them busy for a few hours every day, but you can also teach them a valuable skill they’ll always use and will always be grateful for. 

5. Give Back 💗

Many parents often take the holiday opportunity to teach their kids the value of community. Unfortunately, for every family that gets to look forward to the holidays, there’s another family out there wondering where their next meal will come from.

Consider setting aside some time every week during this holiday period to do some good. Whether volunteering in your community or a neighbouring community or spending an hour a day cleaning up your town, doing good is super easy. More importantly, it can impart lessons and attitudes that last a lifetime. Let’s teach our kids to be the change we wish to see in our country.

6. Get Gardening 🌿

Do you have a garden or a small patch of grass available? Why not start a vegetable garden with the kiddos? Seeds are readily available from any decent shopping centre or gardening shop. Add a sprinkle of water and a dash of elbow grease, and hey presto – your family could quickly have your own vegetable garden at home.

Despite the satisfaction and obvious health benefits of eating your very own, organic, home-grown fruits or vegetables, spending a few hours a day teaching the kids about fruits and vegetables while playing outdoors is an amazing bonding opportunity that costs nothing but a bit of time and a willingness to get a bit dirty.

Pay it Forward on Hellopeter ⭐

Do you need help finding ways to keep the kiddos entertained and engaged without spending a fortune? Our advice is to hop onto hellopeter.com and check out the various reviews and advice your fellow South Africans have written for you.

When you decide how to spend your holiday with the little ones, don’t forget to let your fellow parents know how it went by writing a review on Hellopeter. Whether it’s the shop you bought some craft supplies from, a botanical garden you visited, or your local coffee shop that served an extra slice of cake with a smile, share your experiences with the rest of Mzansi! 

Happy holidays!

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