Hellopeter 101: How exactly does Hellopeter work?

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Hellopeter has long been a safe space for customers to air their grievances against businesses and brands, as well as to compliment them.

But how exactly does it work? Is it just a forum for cross tannies shouting “can I speak to the manager!” into the void, a stomping ground for internet trolls or a place for brands to sneakily sing their own places with fake accounts? 

The answer (thankfully) is nope, nope and NOPE. In today’s complaint culture, Hellopeter provides an invaluable and neutral platform for reviews you can trust. Whether you’re giving, receiving, or simply browsing them. Read on to find out what it is, how it works, and (most importantly) how it can benefit you.

So, what is Hellopeter? 🤔

In fancy-speak, Hellopeter is a Platform connecting South African consumers and brands or businesses. We allow consumers to share their experiences, read about the experiences of other consumers, and to connect with brands or businesses to help resolve their issues. 

Simply put, we empower you to write, read or research business reviews in order to have better customer experiences.

How do I register? ✍️

To register on Hellopeter, go to Hellopeter.com and select join. Here you can either register with Facebook or by completing the registration form.

For more step-by-step info, click here. Trust us, it’s super simple.

When should I write a review? ⏳

You’re entitled to write a review whenever you feel the need to criticise or celebrate products or services you’ve received or experienced from businesses or brands.

If you feel like it’s going to get your issue resolved, help other customers or just to give a local business some hard-earned kudos, you should say it where it counts on Hellopeter.

What is Hellopeter’s role once I’ve written my review? 🤝

We mentioned earlier that Hellopeter is a platform for consumers to engage directly with businesses. This means that we don’t get involved. We don’t engage in conversations or facilitate dispute resolutions.

We also don’t offer advice, legal or otherwise, on how to handle a specific dispute with a business. Think of us as a digital Sweden.

Who reads my reviews? 💻

Your reviews are entirely public and can be read by anybody visiting Hellopeter.com, as well as the brand or business that your reviews address.

Who replies to my reviews? 📝

Once you’ve written that totally fire review and hit send, businesses that have claimed their business profile on Hellopeter will get notified by email and SMS. 

Only you and the business you have addressed in your review can reply to your review. Unlike social media, this is a public platform that doesn’t allow every Thabo, Dirk and Hannes to add their 2c in the comments section. Which means your resolution has zero chance of being derailed by grammatically dubious political conspiracy theories and aunties selling diet pills. That, is priceless. 

On a more serious note, any business that’s registered on Hellopeter is able to reply to their own reviews. Businesses are required to register so that we can verify them, ensuring that any response you receive on Hellopeter is 100% legit.

What about privacy? 🔐

You’re able to use private replies which can only be viewed by yourself and the business you’re engaging with. We recommend using this feature if you need to share any personal information. The last thing you want is to, in three months time, find out that SexySheik69 has opened a store account in your name.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on all things Hellopeter. If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ section. Happy reviewing!

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