How companies use your reviews to do better

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Writing reviews is always the best way to get a swift and satisfactory response from businesses and the most effective tool for communicating your praise or discontent. But aside from making your feelings known and educating your fellow consumer about who deserves our money, reviews are also crucial in letting companies know how they can improve their products or services. While you may not get a Christmas card from said company thanking you for pointing out these kinds of things, we can assure you that they’re definitely taking notes. 

It’s something people in suits usually call ‘consumer sentiment,’ which is essentially just a fancy phrase for how people feel about their business. It’s essential for companies to stay in touch with how they’re perceived, so they know what’s working and what’s not. And that’s where you come in. 

Why your reviews matter so much to companies

Reviews are the best gauge for measuring the success of a business and whether it’s trending up or down. By regularly contributing your thoughts to the Hellopeter community, not only are you sharing your wisdom with the people who need it most, but you’re also creating ideas that companies use so they can do better. 

This doesn’t always have to come in the form of a negative review, either—quite the opposite, in fact. Telling a company about the things they’re doing right is just as important as telling them where they’ve gone wrong. Positive reviews tell companies ‘Hey! We like this. Keep doing it, please, and thanks’. It can even apply to marketing material and how they communicate with their customers. If they aren’t clear about what they’re selling, that will come out in a host of reviews from people saying that it wasn’t what they were expecting or even looking for. 

When they try something new, and you want them to keep doing it, there’s really only one way to tell them, and that’s putting it in a review. Until someone tells us we’re doing something good, we’re stuck in that nervous/excited state because we don’t know how it’s been received. The same is true of any company, and they depend on that feedback to keep it up. 

With as many as 90% of consumers using online reviews to inform their buying decisions, it’s easy to see why businesses are paying such close attention to them. It even extends to the quality of candidates that those businesses can potentially hire. I mean, let’s face it, nobody who’s spent years studying and working will want to apply for a job at a company that’s continually being bashed in the reviews. 

Let’s talk about trust, baby

It’s super powerful when we all speak with one voice on a platform like Hellopeter, and businesses know that. Ultimately, we all want to have the kinds of experiences we can tell our friends and family about. But if we can’t or don’t trust a business to deliver on its promises, the relationship can take a turn for the worst. That’s why we need to be able to communicate openly, and it’s up to companies to build that trust. One of the ways they do that is through building an online reputation that signals to us that other people have put their faith in them and been rewarded. 

This is the power of the positive review. By posting about the good times as much as you do the bad times, you can give your favourite companies the encouragement they need to keep providing us with reasons to stay loyal, and that’s when the magic happens. 

Even if it’s just a follow-up call that you got from an agent that made you feel taken care of or a package delivered on time and with a smile, we want to know about it. Because the more we let each other know who deserves our trust and our time, the more companies will do to make sure we’re talking about them in the right way. So go out there and show love to a company that showed you love, and let’s start helping the good guys.

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