How Your Reviews Help Businesses Do Better

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How reviews help businesses

Did you know that nearly half of all internet users post online reviews monthly? That’s because writing reviews is the most effective tool for communicating your praise or discontent and getting a swift response from a business. Well, the truth is that a couple of words really go a long way and that your review can really help businesses. We share a couple of the top reasons why your online review matters to businesses.

How Your Reviews Help Businesses Grow

Reviews are cardinal in helping businesses thrive. While you may not get a bouquet from the company thanking you for pointing out their flairs and flaws, we can assure you that they’re interested in your experiences.

1. Your Reviews Offer Insight 📊

Reviews are crucial in letting companies understand how they can improve their products or services. Whether good or bad, your review offers insight into what a company is doing right or where it can improve. Positive reviews tell companies to keep up their excellent work, whilst negative reviews point out room for improvement.

2. Your Reviews Gauge Success 📈

Reviews are the best way for companies to measure success, staff performance and overall customer satisfaction. By regularly contributing your thoughts to the Hellopeter community, you’re sharing your wisdom with the people who need it most and generating ideas that companies use to improve. When businesses try something new, and you want them to keep doing it, there’s only one way to tell them—by putting it in a review. 

3. Your Reviews Build Social Proof ⭐

With as many as 93% of consumers reading online reviews to inform their buying decisions, it’s easy to see why businesses pay close attention to them. Your reviews help companies to build social proof, giving others the confidence to buy from them. 

It’s powerful when we all speak with one voice on a platform like Hellopeter, and businesses know that. By posting about the good times, as much as you do the bad times, you can give your favourite companies the encouragement they need to keep providing their clients with reasons to stay loyal—that’s where the magic happens.

4. Your Reviews Boost SEO 🔍

Did you know that businesses with a minimum of 200 reviews generate twice as much revenue? That’s power! Online reviews boost Search Engine Optimisation. In short, by writing reviews on Hellopeter, you help your favourite companies rank higher on Google. Consequently, more customers can find them, and faster! 

5. Your Review = Marketing 💻

Finally, your review is excellent marketing, which businesses can post on social media and their websites. Therefore, reviews can help small businesses stand out in a sea of competition.

Your Experiences Matter

Even if it’s just a follow-up call from an agent that made you feel taken care of or a package delivered on time and with a smile, we want to know about it.

The more we let each other know who deserves our trust and our time, the more companies will do to ensure we’re talking about them correctly. So go out there and show love to a company that offered you love, and let’s start helping the good guys!

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