Five ways positive reviews impact small businesses

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We don’t know about you, but here at Hellopeter we have a real soft spot for up-and-coming local businesses. The excitement of new, bespoke and innovative products and services really gets us going. So does the gees of local entrepreneurs. Ditto for a proudly South African success story. 

But, let’s be real, it’s tough out there for a small business. They need all the help they can get and if you, like us, want to see them thrive you can do your bit simply by leaving a positive review.

1. Word-of-mouth marketing in a digital age

It’s common knowledge that we trust friends, family and acquaintances far more than we trust brands or the media. We’re more likely to show interest in a product if someone we know has gone on record saying that this particular product is just The-Most-Awesome-Sauce-Thing-They-Have-EVER-Bought-Like-Ever. Add social media’s instant and visual components, and you’ve now taken word-of-mouth-marketing to the next level.

By posting your positive experiences online, you’re giving the young, the upcoming and the small business guys free exposure to hundreds of people within your extended social media circles. 

Who would’ve thought that the thumbs up or heart eye emojis could hold so much power?

2. They build trust

When was the last time you purchased a product or visited a new, trendy food spot without doing a little digital detective work first? And to that point, what would happen if you couldn’t find a mention of them online? 

Personally, our first thoughts would be something along the lines of “is my money going to end up lining the pockets of a scammer, never to be seen again”. 

Small and start-up businesses need online reviews because it proves that they, well, exist. And it gives them credibility. Both of these things are crucial.

3. They help them get found

Not just physically, but also online. Positive reviews impact which businesses show up in Google’s search results pages when you search for the products or services that they offer. 

In actual fact, reviews are considered one of the most important factors that influence how a business might rank in Google’s search results.

4. They help build community

Small businesses are often part of the fabric of the communities they find themselves in. They’re generally started by a local, staffed by friends and family, and frequented by their neighbours. These businesses help to build communities, and their continued ability to thrive impacts a larger network of people.

Communities love nothing more than to rally around a local success story, and through leaving a positive review, you have the power to encourage and facilitate this. It also gives the business owner the ability to engage on a public platform and to introduce themselves, their offering, and their business philosophy.

5. They help businesses learn and improve

New businesses, and their owners, are probably going to make a few mistakes while mastering the art of being business bad-asses. To learn from these mistakes, they need to be made aware of them. 

Online reviews are a great way to give a baby business kudos, draw attention to them, and to suggest where they might up their game. It also allows them to identify what’s really working for them, and then to do or make more of that. 

It goes without saying the power positive reviews have to shape and promote small businesses is nothing to sneeze at. So, next time you receive an incredible service, product or meal from a local set up, sign up to Hellopeter and sing your praises where it counts. They’ll be super duper grateful.

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