Seven ways your reviews help other people

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Reviews are so much more than an opportunity to complain, moan or berate. In our digital age, they do far more than give you a safe and anonymous platform to air your grievances or blow off some steam. 

In fact, here at Hellopeter we believe that their value is far more positive. We believe that reviews provide access to a whole world of experiences, products and possibilities. They empower customers, they allow future consumers to make smart and informed decisions, and (most importantly) they are an integral part of improving businesses and their offerings. And that is why customer reviews deserve so much more than the bad rap they’re (in)famous for. 

These are just some of the reasons why reviews help other customers:

1. They offer guidance 🤝

Most fundamentally, reviews offer practical guidance to future customers regarding a product or service. From simple tasks like choosing the perfect new series for an epic Sunday chill, to the more considered decision surrounding where to take bae on your anniversary, to weighty choices like buying a new car or choosing an insurance product – reviews act as a north star in an age where we find ourselves overwhelmingly spoilt for choice.

2. They’re empowering 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Reviews help fellow shoppers by allowing them to make empowered choices. They list pros and cons which lead to informed decisions. 

In an era where every cent counts, and customers are more stretched than ever, this kind of empowered research is a crucial step in most consumer journeys.

3. They take the load off 🧳

Let’s be honest, decision-making is no walk in the park. With so many options to consider, even the most decisive of us can suffer from a spot of choice paralysis. 

In a world of incessant (and often misleading) content, advertisements, and spin doctors – it feels reassuring to obtain honest, unbiased feedback surrounding products or services.

4. They’re reassuring 🤗

To this point, consumer reviews (and collective opinion in general) act as a sort of digital sounding board. By revealing the collective wisdom of like-minded people, they have the ability to reassure one that the best, most informed decision has been made. This way, more confidence is instilled in products and services – which benefits both the consumer and the business itself. Ditto for the added benefit of feeling that you’re making an educated, discerning choice – everybody loves to feel like they’ve scored a great deal.

It’s a wonderful feeling to feel informed and empowered in your purchase decisions, so why not pay it forward. Leave an honest, useful customer review (that others can benefit from) over at

5. They tell it like it is 📚

With no ulterior motive or hidden agenda, consumer reviews are often candid and honest reflections of a product’s performance, of services rendered, or of experiences enjoyed (or not so enjoyed). Online reviews facilitate transparency that previously wasn’t as readily available to fellow customers.

6. They build credibility ⭐️

Customer reviews are like digital stamps of approval. They tell other customers that what they’re about to spend their precious Rands on is legitimate. This puts fellow customers at ease, but it also has the added benefit of building a business’s credibility or attesting to their reliability. This, in turn, enables them to thrive.

7. They improve quality ✔️

Customer reviews point out flaws, foibles and faux pas – allowing businesses to learn from their mistakes. Through constant feedback, businesses can improve on the things that need work, amplify areas that are already successful or identify gaps and opportunities to expand their offerings. 

This benefits everyone concerned – the business itself and, most importantly, customers that make use of their products and services.

In short, we read reviews because we trust our peers to help us make the best, most informed purchase decisions. Help a brother (or sister) out and keep writing, and reading, reviews you can trust at Hellopeter.


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