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So, you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received and feel like you need to get it off your chest. But a voice in your head is telling you to make like Elsa and Let It Go because you’re worried your gripes will fall on deaf ears. Or worse, that people might judge you. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most common customer criticisms we encounter here at Hellopeter. More importantly, we’ve given you the 411 on getting them sorted out, stat. Enjoy!

1. Bad quality

Nobody in their right mind is going to part with their cash for subpar products and services. If you’re expecting quality and receive anything less, you should complain immediately. 

Ask for a repair, replacement or refund. And make it clear that you’re expecting it in a hurry.

2. Poor customer service

This is, hands down, one of the things that most irks disgruntled customers. When staff are lazy, communicate badly, aren’t trained properly, keep people waiting or fail to resolve issues, it falls under the umbrella of sucky customer service.

If you’re faced with this dilemma, you can either escalate the problem, or leave an honest review on Hellopeter, where many businesses dedicate time and professional resources to monitor comments and resolve issues.

3. Rudeness

There’s something doubly infuriating about dealing with faulty product or service, and then being met with a couldn’t-give-a-flying staff member. It’s enough to make even the calmest customer go off the rails.

But before you do, clearly and politely point out that you’re not going to stand for shoddy treatment. Sulky staff are likely to get the wake-up call that they need, and are definitely going to be more receptive than if you go in with shrieks and threats.

4. Not keeping promises

You’ve been on hold for 20 minutes, gritting your teeth through a panpipe rendition of Toto’s Africa. When you finally get through, the customer service rep tells you that she’ll call you back. And just like that, you never hear from her again.

Brands or businesses saying they’ll do something, and then promptly not doing that thing is mega irritating. To avoid it, be sure to document the time of your correspondence, the name of the staff member, and the reference number of the call or mail (if relevant). 

If possible, get them to confirm their next steps in writing. That way, when ish hits the fan, you can whip out your receipts.

5. Playing pass-the-parcel

Being passed around from one employee to the next is time-consuming and annoying. Especially when there’s no awesome prize at the end. To avoid being regifted like a pair of fugly Christmas socks, make it clear that you want the customer service liaison to rectify your issue immediately. 

If it’s not possible (and it pretty much always is), record their details for future reference.

6. No omni-channel touchpoints

It’s 2019. We want to be able to contact businesses via phone, email or social media. Having a dated or difficult means of getting in touch with a brand screams inconvenience, and is a major thorn in the side of today’s consumers. 

If you encounter this, politely point out that the business should make the leap into the 21st century.

7. Inaccessibility

Not being able to get hold of the business at all is equally annoying. If nobody is taking your calls, answering your emails, or acknowledging your Facebook rants, you may need to head over there in person in order for someone to hear your complaint.

Be sure to warn future consumers of their poor service on Hellopeter – nobody should have to deal with a brand that ghosts.

8. Hidden costs

Purchasing an item that requires additional items to work? Additional costs to install, run or disassemble? Nope, nope and nope. There are few things more irritating than purchasing something, only to get home and realise you’re going to have to fork out more cash to get it up and running. If these additional costs weren’t disclosed, insist on a discount or return the item.

Not all complaints are equal. And sometimes, bad experiences arise even when a company and its staff are trying to do everything right. Keep this in mind when writing a review, not all bad service is on purpose.

Reviews on Hellopeter have helped over one million consumers make better choices. Had an experience you’d like to tell us about? Leave us a review here.

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