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We’ve covered the myriad reasons why people write reviews, but why do people take the time out of their busy lives to read them?

1. They offer guidance 🚨

Which mobile phone is the best model for me? Which hole-in-the-wall restaurant should I take my new boo to that is the perfect trifecta of interesting, delicious and won’t give us the stomach flu? With so many options out there, it’s normal for us to feel completely overwhelmed.

And that’s where reviews come in. Simply put, they help like-minded individuals make the right choice. By reading reviews from people (who could be the same age, nationality, gender, or need-state) similar to themselves, they’re more accurately able to envision how the product or service will benefit their own lives. 

Further to this, they’re able to pick up tips, tricks, further uses, pitfalls, or watch out’s that aren’t covered by promotional or instructional material.

2. They’re objective 🔎

Our feeds are filled with celebs, influencers, and brands peddling their wares via beautifully created and curated #sponsoredcontent, #ads, and #partnerships. So much so that it’s difficult to imagine what said products, services or experiences might look like without the favourable lighting and carefully selected filters. As a result, there’s a real need for objective opinions and advertisement free information. 

Advertising and promotional content creates an emotional and desirable world for consumers. However, emotional attachment to a product isn’t the only basis for decision making – especially when it comes to dropping one’s hard-earned cash. People want to know that the product will satisfy a real need and reviews, from people just like them, help to differentiate between Instagram and the real world.

3. They’re reassuring 🤗

Us humans feel power in numbers. It stands to reason that we feel safer spending our Randelas on things that have the thumbs-up from many, as opposed to those who are virtually unknown. 

By reading credibly online feedback or reviews, potential customers can rest easy knowing that they aren’t about to unwillingly contribute to the offshore account of a scam artist.

4. The build trust 💙

By actively encouraging and facilitating consumer reviews, a brand or business is both telling their patrons they value their input and experience. As well as letting them know that they’ve got nothing to hide. The same can be said for brands and businesses that actively engage with their reviewers, working quickly to rectify issues or provide stellar customer service beyond the point of purchase. 

Consumers can gauge credibility and trustworthiness by a brand or businesses approach to feedback, and will often skim their reviews and testimonials before making a purchase or enlisting their services. 

Pro-tip: A brand with all glowing, or all scathing, reviews are an immediate red-flag: either they’re paying for farmed positive reviews or they’ve got major beef with a competitor. Best to take these kinds of reviews with a pinch of salt.

5. They cover all scenarios 📈

Not all experiences are made equal and, as a result, not all reviews are either. By taking the time to read reviews, potential customers can get a sense of the advantages and the risks associated with the product or service in question. The way these reviews are handled by the brand or business further indicates their level of service. It’s a win-win, really. 

So there you have it, reviews really aren’t just an outlet for customers to let off some steam. In fact, they’re super useful guidelines for wary customers just like yourself. 

Keep writing reviews that can be trusted over at Hellopeter – it’s totally good for your karma.

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