10 Hellopeter guidelines you need to know before posting a review

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So, we’ve all heard about Hellopeter, but many people don’t fully understand the nuts and bolts of posting their consumer reviews, opinions and experiences on Hellopeter.com.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 guidelines you need to know before posting a review on Hellopeter.

Read on to learn how to craft killer reviews that get results, and remember to bookmark this blog for future reference!

First things first: what, exactly, is Hellopeter?

Hellopeter is a platform connecting South African consumers and businesses. We allow you to share your experiences, whether good or bad, read about other people’s experiences, and discover some great South African businesses along the way.

Hellopeter provides a channel for you to engage directly with businesses. This means that Hellopeter does not engage or facilitate this communication.

What can I use Hellopeter for?

Hellopeter is a place for you to read and write reviews about South African businesses. You’ll be able to learn from others’ experiences, become more informed when making purchasing decisions, and share your own reviews to inform others.

Our 10 Hellopeter guidelines you should follow when posting a review

So, without further ado, here are some of the most important guidelines you need to keep in mind when writing that review.

1. You must post your reviews directly on the Hellopeter platform 

We often see customers posting their reviews on our social media channels or elsewhere. The reality is that you have to post on our platform for your review to be published and the business to be notified.

You can browse businesses and reviews without registering on Hellopeter, but there will always be a level of verification needed when posting a review. This ensures that our reviews are from real people, about actual experiences and are not spam or fraudulent.

The information on your profile helps us let you know when a business replies to a review. It’s also a way for businesses to contact you should they want to resolve an issue.

2. You must only leave a review about the same issue ONCE

A review is considered a duplicate when you post two or more reviews about one specific issue. Only your first review will be published and the duplicates removed when this happens.

3. Your post must satisfy community guidelines 

We use a combination of manual verification checks and advanced customised software to flag duplicated reviews, spam, scams, or derogatory comments.

4. Make sure your review is legible and well-written

Make sure readers, including the business you are reviewing, will be able to understand your holistic experience. Read over your review before posting it, and check your grammar and spelling.

5. Make sure your review is ‘eternal’ ‘

Make sure your review won’t be deleted by following these rules:

  • Do only publish honest reviews. Be truthful
  • Do focus on the specific business, product or service you’re reviewing. Be precise
  • Don’t review your own business or competitors. Be fair
  • Don’t post content that’s defamatory or abusive. Be civil
  • Don’t post identifying or personal information. Be smart

6. Publish your review as soon as possible

Publish your review while the incident is still ‘fresh’, allowing you to add accurate detail and allowing the business the opportunity to investigate timeously.

7. Be specific

Remember to include the ‘Who’, When’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of the situation in question. Sharing as much detail as possible allows the business to respond appropriately while giving fellow consumers a fair representation of events.

8. No commercial promotions allowed

Hellopeter is a platform dedicated to ensuring businesses, and the experiences they offer, are fairly represented. This allows consumers to make informed, objective decisions. For this reason, we do not allow any posts promoting events, surveys, businesses or commercial ventures, except as permitted in any terms of subscription services or as otherwise expressly permitted by Hellopeter.

9. Respect fellow community members’ privacy.

Many of our reviewers prefer to remain anonymous for various reasons. As such, recording, processing or mining information about other users is expressly forbidden. Our Hellopeter community is always encouraged to be truthful. Trying to identify our community members jeopardises both their personal right to privacy, as well as Hellopeter’s ability to always present honest feedback.

10. Be fair

Millions of consumers rely on Hellopeter’s reviews to make important purchasing decisions. Your reviews, therefore, should be unbiased, objective and fair. You should always post accurate information. You shouldn’t, for example, write reviews of your own business or employer, your friends’ or relatives’ business, your peers or competitors in your industry, or businesses in your networking group.

We’re all in this together!

The Hellopeter community’s looking forward to your next killer review. Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Hellopeter consumer champion.

*For more tips and tricks on how to write reviews that get results, check out our Hellopeter Blog!

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