Support local with our #30in30 Challenge

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There’s no blueprint on how to assist others during a global pandemic. We all know of local businesses who are now in unknown territory. We want to help. But we need you. 

While many businesses are unable to operate, we thought the best way to show our support is to use the power of positive experiences.

What can you do?

Introducing: The 30 in 30 April Challenge. For the next month, we’re asking you to set aside five minutes of your day to publish a positive review daily about an experience you’ve had with local businesses within the past few months. 

All you need to do?

  1. Publish a positive review (4 or 5-star) on as many days as possible during April.
  2. Have #30in30  in the body of your review.
  3. Write meaningful reviews, that highlight a business that has made a difference to you over the last few months.

How does this help local businesses?

By continuing to publish positive reviews about these businesses, even while they’re closed, you’re helping them continue to add social proof surrounding their business. This also helps build a supportive community, which is exactly what South Africa (and the rest of the world) needs right now. 

For more information on how positive reviews helps small businesses, you can click through here. If you know any businesses who could use this support during this time, help them out and spread the word. 

The three businesses who receive the most positive & meaningful reviews with #30in30 in the review body during April, will win:

  • A Pro Hellopeter package for one year
  • Two Lite Hellopeter annual package for one year

What’s in it for you?

Pledge to support local and small businesses who need our help right now. The people who make the most meaningful reviews, on the most days of April will win their share of:

What’s next?

We’ll be showcasing standout businesses on our social media platforms and our weekly mailers. We’ve also reached out to our businesses and asked them to send through any specials they’re currently running, or gift cards you can purchase during the lockdown, which we’ll be sharing as well. 

It’s important to continue to support these businesses however we can while they’re closed due to the shutdown. 

Ready for #30in30? Get started!

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