Can I (Really) Trust Hellopeter Reviews?

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Hellopeter reviews provide a handy guide for just about anything in South Africa. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant for a birthday celebration or an electrician to install your geyser, South Africa’s #1 online review platform can help. But you may ask, “Can I really trust these Hellopeter reviews?”. 

Our answer is a resounding “yes”, but let’s take a look at what makes us so sure. 

What Makes Hellopeter Reviews Trustworthy? 

We can question the trustworthiness of overwhelmingly positive content that lives on any review platform because it often seems too good to be true. On the other hand, complaints aren’t usually inflated as there’s little to gain from this.

Although there are serial complainers who might exaggerate, most negative reviews tend to be truthful experiences related to a product or service. However, because of the complaints housed on Hellopeter, there’s an underlying trust in what consumers have to say. You’re getting the full story, not just the highlights reel.

As businesses realise the value of positive online reputations and collect positive customer reviews, Hellopeter has shifted from being perceived as a complaints platform to a more balanced review platform.

In fact, the legacy of being a complaints platform is fast changing. In 2022, Hellopeter reached a 50/50 split of positive to negative reviews. Since then, the positive reviews even started outweighing the negative ones! This changing landscape makes it even more important for us to provide a credible review platform.

How Does Hellopeter Ensure Reliability?

Hellopeter has a duty to ensure that the content that lives on the platform is truthful. We achieve this in several ways, including artificial intelligence and a team of people who do verification checks on reviews.

The review cycle is yet another layer of protection against fake reviews. Although anyone can write a review, all reviewers must first sign up for a Hellopeter account. Furthermore, only businesses registered on Hellopeter Business can respond to reviews, ensuring credible responses.

Does Hellopeter Alter Reviews?

We provide a “Report/Flag” button that businesses and consumers can use if they believe a specific review is defamatory or untrue. This alerts the Hellopeter team, who’ll follow up with the reviewer for verification. And if the review goes against the content guidelines, we may remove it. Alternatively, if it complies with the content guidelines and the reviewer is sure that their review is honest and factual, they may be asked to submit an affidavit confirming their remarks.

It’s important to understand that Hellopeter remains impartial and objective and doesn’t take sides in disputes or engage in conversations on the platform. There are no agreements or partnerships between Hellopeter and any entity that will sway our objectivity. 

Therefore, Hellopeter exists to empower the consumer by giving them a voice on a neutral and trusted platform. And we will not act in any way to compromise this. We’re simply the bridge between businesses and consumers, giving them a platform. For consumers, this is to connect, share experiences and research the best businesses Mzansi has to offer.

And for businesses, this is to hear straight from their customers what they think so they can resolve issues and know what they’re doing right. It enables them to manage their online reputation, become more discoverable on search engines like Google, and build Social Proof.

Read and Write Reviews with Confidence

Whether you’re here to write a review or research businesses, you can rest assured that we strive to bring you nothing but the truth to the best of our capability. 

Hellopeter has helped millions of consumers make better choices. Did you have an experience you’d like to tell us about? Write a review here now. 

Thank you for helping Mzansi make better choices and supporting local businesses! 

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