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It’s the time of year when families gather together and recap their last 12 months. The discussion could revolve around politics, your favourite series of the year, that best-selling book you couldn’t get into, or simply why one particular teacher has turned out to be your child’s favourite.

Whatever direction the conversation goes, one thing’s for sure: word-of-mouth is still the greatest way to know which businesses and individuals to trust, and which to run away screaming from.

We’re here to make sure you’re clued up this holiday season on how to best give those all-important reviews when recapping the last year.

Bring facts to the table 🍽

Even when you’re just shooting the breeze with your family around the supper table, remember to always use factual language when speaking about an experience you’ve had with a brand.

Using emotive language, filled with exaggeration won’t fly when it comes to writing your review online. So the same should be said when chatting. Make sure you’re able to back up any review you have to speak about with facts. Not “I nearly died because there was no salmon left at the sushi restaurant” but rather “it seems strange that a restaurant whose livelihood is sushi has no salmon”.

Remember, your words have an impact 💣

When speaking about the horrendous series you started watching on Netflix, remember who could be listening. Your eight-year-old nephew could be sitting just around the corner, so make sure you use words suitable for all ages.

The same can be said when you write your review online, make sure what you write is something you wouldn’t mind saying in front of a child. Because at the end of the day, someone is on the receiving end of your written experience, and they deserve to be spoken to with respect.

Our Platform uses a filter to censor words deemed inappropriate, but that might not always be the case.

Give kudos where you can 🙌

Just like how you rave to your great aunt about the amazing melktart she made for dinner, you should do the same for satisfying customer service. It’s such a gratifying feeling knowing you’ve A) complimented someone on a job well done, and B) you’re also letting their employer know about the work they’re doing.

Especially around the holiday period, a compliment can go a long way, whether it’s for great customer service received, or a product you’d recommend to your friends and family.

Local is lekker 🇿🇦

When you tell your family and friends about the local baker you found in an unknown street, off the beaten track, you’re not only helping them find a hidden gem, you’re also helping someone’s self-funded business.

While speaking to your 10 family members around the dinner table does wonders, imagine telling hundreds more online, using a Platform like Hellopeter.

Word-of-mouth can really do wonders for small businesses, start-ups, and family-run companies. Telling your family and then some can really take them from in the red, to in the clear. This is because social proof is such a vital concept when it comes to making a business a success in this day and age.

So, when you’re sitting around with your family and friends this festive season, remember the reviews you give in-person can really help a business if they’re put online too.

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