How to Review a Business Not Yet on Hellopeter

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Ever had a great (or not-so-great) experience with a business but couldn’t find them on Hellopeter to leave a review? Well, fear not – you can be the one that introduces them to the Hellopeter Community, and it’s simpler than you might think.

Why Businesses Need to Have a Hellopeter Presence

Online reviews hold significant sway in where we decide to shop, select a service, or dine. But they’re not just handy for us. Reviews give businesses useful insights, let them manage their reputation, respond to feedback, and show customers they care. Plus, they help them stand out from the crowd.

How to Review a Business Not Yet on Hellopeter

When a business doesn’t have a Hellopeter profile, it shouldn’t stop you from leaving a review. If you’re bursting to sing their praises or want to give some friendly advice, the following steps will walk you through introducing a business to the Hellopeter community.


Start by visiting, South Africa’s number one platform for consumer reviews, and head to the “Write a review” tab. You might need to log in or sign up if you haven’t already done so.

Search for the Business

Enter the name of the business you want to review in the search bar. If it appears, it means they already have a Hellopeter presence, and you simply need to follow the prompts to share your review. If not, exciting news – you’re about to introduce them to the Hellopeter Community!

Craft Your Review

Take your time to write a thoughtful and insightful review. Be honest, give constructive feedback, and be specific about your experience. Whether praise or criticism, your review can help both shoppers and businesses.

Notify the Business

Before you hit “publish”, don’t forget to enter their email address! This is probably the most important step, as notifying them of your review would be the only way they’d get eyes on it. If you enter an email address in the required field before publishing your review, we’ll let them know that your review is awaiting their reply.

You can find their contact info online by googling their name, visiting their website “contact us” page, or looking at their social media bio.

Share Your Review 

Once your review’s up, why not share it on social media? Tag the business so they see it. Being proactive like this can encourage businesses to engage with their customers and put their needs first.

Review a Business Not on Hellopeter And You Could Be R20,000 Richer!

Did you know that we’re currently running a giveaway that rewards you for reviewing those businesses not yet listed on Hellopeter. Read more on how to enter this exciting giveaway.

Your Hellopeter Reviews Matter

Your reviews aren’t just words – they’re guides for other shoppers and offer much needed insights for businesses. So, next time you have something to share, don’t hesitate to write about your experience on Hellopeter. It could make a real difference.

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