Why Your Review Did Not Get a Reply or The Attention it Deserves

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Why your review maybe did not get the attention it deserves

Hellopeter is South Africa’s largest and most active consumer review platform. And we’ve helped millions of South Africans connect with businesses, resolve issues, and live the retail life they deserve. However, our amazing consumer community occasionally may find that their hellopeter.com review does not get the response or attention it deserves. Check out why your review may not have received a response, and learn how to write reviews that consistently get results!

1. The Business Might Not Be Active on Hellopeter.com Yet 

Although most reputable businesses have a presence on Hellopeter.com, believe it or not, there still may be some businesses out there who haven’t yet registered their business with us. 

While consumers can initiate a profile for businesses not yet registered and then leave their response on this consumer-initiated profile, this would not be managed by that business until they register as page owners. Therefore, until the business contacts us to take ownership of their Hellopeter.com page, they may not yet have seen your review.

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

Remember that a business that’s not yet listed on Hellopeter won’t be alerted of your review unless you give us their email address. You will see this final step before you submit your review for an unlisted business. Check out our video below to show how to review businesses not yet registered on Hellopeter.

When we notify the business that they have active reviews to manage, they often retrospectively address any comments on their Hellopeter page, so don’t hesitate to leave your review even if they don’t have an active page.

2. You Provided The Incorrect Details

Businesses cannot respond unless you’ve ensured that all details provided are accurate, from phone and email contact details for follow-up communications to the facts, dates and details of the issue in question.

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

Double-check the finer details of your review before pressing ‘send’. Make sure you give as much detail as possible to make it easier for them to address your concerns.

3. You Did Not Post Your Review on Hellopeter.com

Consumers often post their reviews on our social media channels, perhaps after engaging with one of our social media ads.

However, while we’re flattered and extremely gratified that our social media presence grabbed your attention, you still need to quickly navigate to hellopeter.com to write a review and post it directly to the company’s Hellopeter page.

You can look at different business profiles and their reviews without registering on Hellopeter. However, there will always be a level of verification needed before you can post a review.

Why do we do this? Well, it helps make sure that real people write all the reviews on our profile about real experiences. Furthermore, the information you give us also helps businesses get in touch to resolve your issues.

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

Our social media pages are often just for sharing information with you and the rest of our Hellopeter community. And posting a review on our Facebook page does not guarantee that the business will see your review.

4. You Violated Community Guidelines

The Hellopeter community, both businesses and reviewers, are so enamoured with the service because they trust that Hellopeter.com is a safe space, both for brands and regular consumers.

This safe space has been created and successfully managed largely because of our strict adherence to reasonable rules geared to regulate and avoid issues such as profanity, inaccuracy, defamation, spam or marketing-related content. Therefore, to ensure compliance, we apply manual and automated checks to flag duplicate reviews, spam, scams, or derogatory comments.

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

Hellopeter.com is not your digital agony aunt or somewhere to vent. It’s a free tool to help you get real solutions for your retail concerns. Approach your review with the professionalism you expect from the business in question, and you shouldn’t have any issues. Check out our tips for writing Hellopeter reviews to ensure you meet our guidelines.

5. Your Review is Illegible

Generally speaking, business communication globally is in English. Then, until otherwise advised, you should write your reviews in English to ensure more people can understand what you’re saying. Pay attention to contextual language, avoid slang or colloquialisms whenever possible, and pay attention to spelling, especially when it comes to key facts (names, places, etc.). 

⭐ Hellopeter Tip:  

Write clearly and to the point, whilst giving as much information as possible. Think date, time, place, the person you dealt with, the nature of the issue, any order number, etc.

6. Your Review is Not ‘Eternal’

To ensure a curated, positive experience for all, Hellopeter.com keeps an eye on the quality of reviews that come in. Anyone can also report or flag a review they think is inappropriate or inaccurate. 

⭐ Hellopeter tip: 

‘Eternal’ reviews means:

  • Do only publish honest reviews
  • Do focus on the specific business you’re reviewing.
  • Don’t review your own business or competitors
  • Don’t post content that’s defamatory or abusive
  • Don’t post identifying or personal information

7. You Weren’t Specific Enough 

Remember that businesses often deal with many customer service complaints, requests and queries, all at the same time.

Writing a review focused on venting, as opposed to one geared towards resolution, often makes it difficult for businesses to follow up. If, for example, you had a bad dining experience, then your review should include all the relevant specifics. Ensure you note the time and date, the specific branch or location, your server, the duty manager, and finally, the specifics of your experience. 

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

‘I had a bad time at your restaurant’, is not actionable feedback. Explaining as succinctly as possible exactly why your experience was insufficient allows business owners and managers to take specific, informed steps in addressing your grievance.

8. You Posted a Commercially-Motivated Review

Our ultimate goal at Hellopeter is to be a platform to connect customers and businesses so that you can share experiences to help other South Africans. Therefore, we want to be as fair as possible to both parties! And to do this, we don’t allow event promotions, surveys, commercial ventures, etc., on our site.

⭐ Hellopeter Tip: 

Ensure your review meets our subscription terms and avoid ‘selling’ or marketing. There are plenty of other viable platforms out there you can use to actively promote your business, and hellopeter.com’s review site is not one of them.

We’re All in This Together!

Take note of our tips above, and you’ll be well on your way to writing a killer review that gets results and helps your fellow South Africans. 

*For more tips and tricks on how to write reviews that get results, check out our Hellopeter Blog!

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